About Us

TASi Measurement

TASi Measurement is a thriving global industrial measurement and monitoring business headquartered in North America. We provide temperature, level, flow, and pressure instruments necessary to measure and control industrial processes and monitor our environment. We also facilitate data gathering and reporting from our instruments and others with our remote telemetry products that include RF and Cellular options as well as Remote SCADA solutions purpose built for specific applications. We operate in a decentralized manner and have fifteen business units with production facilities in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and England. Additional sales offices can be found in China, Netherlands, and Malaysia.

Markets served include HVAC, Energy, Semiconductor, Life Sciences, Automotive, Agriculture, Water & Wastewater, Chemical Processing, and Industrial.

Our organic growth is driven by reinvestment in product and market development activities as well as capital investment in processes, facilities, tooling, and information systems.  We are also an active acquirer and look to invest in businesses who fit our industrial measurement focus.