The TASI team has a long history of successfully acquiring test and measurement businesses and guiding them into the next phase of growth.

TASI Group

Litre Meter Limited

TASI Group acquires Litre Meter Limited of North Marston, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom and Vögtlin Instruments AG of Aesch Switzerland.

AW Company, KEM Küppers & EXACT Dispensing Systems

TASI Group acquires the AW Company of Franksville WI, KEM Küppers of Karlsfeld Germany and EXACT Dispensing Systems of Newcastle ME.

ATC Automation Company & Air Logic Power Systems

TASI Group acquires ATC Automation Company of Cookeville, TN and Air Logic Power Systems (ALPS) of Milwaukee, WI.

TASI Group

TASI Group was established as a holding company.

Cincinnati Test Systems, Inc.

Cincinnati Test Systems, Inc. was founded in Cincinnati OH.