Strategic Operating Philosophy

TASI operates on a relatively simple guiding philosophy that is embodied in the following five principles:

Operational Excellence

TASI strives to instill in each of its businesses the goal to achieve maximum operational efficiencies, while providing world class product and customer service.


Strong New Product Pipeline

TASI maintains an objective of achieving 25% of its product revenues from new products released in the last three years, insuring that each product line is continually being refreshed and advanced to meet changing market demands.

Global Expansion

TASI recognizes that it serves a very global customer base and must strive to serve those global customers wherever in the world they operate. With this in mind TASI has made significant investments to expand its reach in sales & service to all world regions.

New Market Development

Although TASI is a market leader is several market segments, it understands that growth through market diversification is necessary to avoid becoming too dependent on a few large markets. Each business is encouraged to diversify into new and growing market niches.

Acquiring Great Companies

TASI has not only acquired great companies, but has also helped them to achieve improved results. Each and every acquired company has improved its financial strength, its market strength, and its sales coverage to become an integral part of the TASI success story.